Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today, I figured out my life...

shit I took in first year
- knowledge and reality (PP)
- values and society (PP)
- intro to modern politics I (PO)
- intro to modern politics II (PO)
- intro to sociology (SY)
- sociology 102 (SY)
- evil and its symbols (RE)
- mass communications in canada (CS)
- sociocultural anthropology (AN)
- reasoning and argumentation (PP)

shit to take year 2

- introduction to law (PO)
- intro to world politics (PO)
- legal philosophy (PP)
- medical ethics (PP)
- business ethics (PP)
- business law (BU)
- formal logic (PP)
- ethical theories (PP)
- philosophy of sex, love and religion (PP)
- philosophy of religion (PP)

shit to take year 3
- international law (PO)
- theories of justice (PO)
- the constitution and judicial politics in canada (PO)
- modern philosophy I (PP)
- modern philosophy II (PP)
- 20th century philosophy (PP)
- truth, relativism and realism (PP)
- philosophy of science (PP)
- philosophy of the mind (PP)
- social and political philosophy (PP)

shit to take year 4
- advanced philosophy of the mind (PP)
- race, gender and identity (PP)
- the empiricists (PP)
- theories of knowledge (PP)
- contemporary moral issues (PP)
- sociology of suicide (SY)
- sociology of crime: structural perspective (SY)
- sociological theory (SY) *year long
- constructions of deviance (SY)

Legal studies option - yup
political science minor - oui
philosophy major - checkkkkk
sociology minor - ah what the hell.. YEP

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