Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today, I figured out my life...

shit I took in first year
- knowledge and reality (PP)
- values and society (PP)
- intro to modern politics I (PO)
- intro to modern politics II (PO)
- intro to sociology (SY)
- sociology 102 (SY)
- evil and its symbols (RE)
- mass communications in canada (CS)
- sociocultural anthropology (AN)
- reasoning and argumentation (PP)

shit to take year 2

- introduction to law (PO)
- intro to world politics (PO)
- legal philosophy (PP)
- medical ethics (PP)
- business ethics (PP)
- business law (BU)
- formal logic (PP)
- ethical theories (PP)
- philosophy of sex, love and religion (PP)
- philosophy of religion (PP)

shit to take year 3
- international law (PO)
- theories of justice (PO)
- the constitution and judicial politics in canada (PO)
- modern philosophy I (PP)
- modern philosophy II (PP)
- 20th century philosophy (PP)
- truth, relativism and realism (PP)
- philosophy of science (PP)
- philosophy of the mind (PP)
- social and political philosophy (PP)

shit to take year 4
- advanced philosophy of the mind (PP)
- race, gender and identity (PP)
- the empiricists (PP)
- theories of knowledge (PP)
- contemporary moral issues (PP)
- sociology of suicide (SY)
- sociology of crime: structural perspective (SY)
- sociological theory (SY) *year long
- constructions of deviance (SY)

Legal studies option - yup
political science minor - oui
philosophy major - checkkkkk
sociology minor - ah what the hell.. YEP

I remember when I had a job...

ya, I need to find one for the summer

I like my beats fast and my bass down low

we've got our tickets...

HAVE YOU???!?!?!

Friday, April 22, 2011

blue valentine

well this movie sure is depressing,

but i think what is more depressing is how I find it 100% believable...

Monday, April 18, 2011

empty feeling in my chest

I'll miss TLC
I'll miss pranking Erica
I'll miss the awkward floorcest jokes
I'll miss the hallway hangouts
I'll miss the all-nighters
I'll miss "holy tits", "are you fucked?", "honestly" and "sickk"
I'll miss making fun of how Katelyn talks
I'll miss the mennonite jokes
I'll miss the choir
I'll miss "awkward penis"
I'll miss chirping Garrett
I'll miss when we watched Marley and Me
I'll miss Erica being creepy/weird
I'll miss Jersey Shore nights
I'll miss Katelyn and Leanne passed out in the hallway
I'll miss people hating my mirror
I'll miss me, Kate and Kari's attempt at P90x, and the dance party afterwards
I'll miss fucking shit up
I'll miss Nic wearing my boots and backpack
I'll miss people stealing my glasses
I'll miss the dining hall guy that loves me
I'll miss Tim Hortons
I'll miss stealing blackberrys
I'll miss awful makeovers
I'll miss sleeping on Leanne's floor
I'll miss the lounge
I'll miss our floor bonding with Lucas
I'll miss the A1 north pranks
I'll miss the nights at Phils, Chainsaw, Philthys, Titanium, Fox
I'll miss sketchy Elements
I'll miss trips to marble slab, 7/11 and pizza pizza
I'll miss my two fake ids
I'll miss debating who is the hottest don
I'll miss Wednesday night house council meetings
I'll miss stealing Jer's chewy bars
I'll miss backrub chains
I'll miss people telling me to get out of the hall past quiet hours
I'll miss playing the hand game in the hall at 2am
I'll miss playing football on Alumni at 1am
I'll miss the fake id quizzing
I'll miss Lauren's screaming
I'll miss "I went to Africa", Julia: "Are you fucked?!"
I'll miss Julia dancing with the black guys
I'll miss Lauren and JR at that party
I'll miss Emily's laugh
I'll miss laughing at Kari's awkward jokes
I'll miss Katelyn trying to explain her jokes
I'll miss me and Steph's love for Rockney Jacobsen
I'll miss hearing Lauren playing songs on repeat
I'll miss everyone laughing at my Bacardi Breezers
I'll miss the first day in residence
I'll miss Lauren crying at Harry playing the guitar
I'll miss O-week
I'll miss Shine day
I'll miss meeting WLT for the first time and the picture scavenger hunt
I'll miss our crazy Tuesday night WLT meetings
I'll miss the dancing while making the most epic gingerbread house
I'll miss Brigitte's cut toe
I'll miss chanting WLT
I'll miss April and Tyson
I'll miss "jesus walks"
I'll miss allll the playdoh
I'll miss our family dinners
I'll miss our socials at Jordan's
I'll miss my bridesmaids
I'll miss Dancing with the Dons - wlt and willison
I'll miss Homecoming
I'll miss the fail A1 North dance party
I'll miss laser tag with A1
I'll miss the immaturity when A1 played "Squirt, bang"
I'll miss the Irish Drinkin' Team
I'll miss "heads down"
I'll miss the RAC soccer tournament
I'll miss the intensity of everything A1 North does
I'll miss the video game tournament
I'll miss Katelyn's competitiveness at Mario Tennis
I'll miss Kari slapping Katelyn during Mario Party
I'll miss Ian's party and laughing about it the next day
I'll miss the fashion show
I'll miss LEAP reunion
I'll miss the time Erica told me my glasses "are so you", on the first day
I'll miss all the first impressions
I'll miss Carlie and Steph coming to visit
I'll miss whatever it is that we did on Halloween
I'll miss our haunted house
I'll miss our gay friend
I'll miss the IRC Formal bus ride and Katelyn trying to start cheers
I'll miss Laurier Day
I'll miss winning Laurier Day
I'll miss our icecream building event
I'll miss everyone watching the Superbowl
I'll miss breakfast at Bennys
I'll miss the week our floor wanted to work out
I'll miss being a team leader, twice
I'll miss speaking in front of over a 1000 students
I'll miss the line for the New Years event
I'll miss Tyson trying to get us a heart pizza
I'll miss watching 24 with the guys
I'll miss being carried back from University Stadium because of my sprained foot
I'll miss the flash mob
I'll miss the picknicks
I'll miss everything about my trip to Guatemala
I'll miss the feeling of finishing an essay
I'll miss the comment Rockney made to me about my red sequin dress
I'll miss the excited feeling I get about O-week
I'll miss my happiness on getting icebreaker
I'll miss singing to Journey
I'll miss steamrolling at 1am
I'll miss waving to people everywhere I go
I'll miss skating with Leanne and Kari
I'll miss Hawk Weekend
I'll miss Volunteer Appreciation (1 and 2)
I'll miss our janitors
I'll miss the year end banquet
I'll miss Erica being late for the banquet
I'll miss April's milk, soap and colour experiment
I'll miss the 30 (25) hour famine
I'll miss the group study sessions
I'll miss Katelyn trying to punch people
I'll miss Katelyn's "acting"
I'll miss the facebook creeping
I'll miss LPLOVE
I'll miss sketching people for national be a creeper day
I'll miss ordering pizza at 12am
I'll miss the Iron Chef competition
I'll miss the WLT videos
I'll miss all the moose antler pictures
I'll miss everyone on A1 living together
I'll miss the WLT family
I'll miss house council
I'll miss the dons
I'll miss A1 South Bitches
I'll miss all the friends I've made
I'll miss how it won't ever be the same
I'll miss first year at Laurier

I shouldn't feel empty
I don't want to leave..

Monday, April 4, 2011

There are certain people
You just keep coming back to
She is right in front of you
You begin to wonder
Could you find a better one
Compared to her now she's in question

And all at once
The crowd begins to sing
Sometimes the hardest thing
And the right thing are the same

Maybe you want her
Maybe you need her
Maybe you started to compare
To someone not there

Looking for the right one
You line up the world to find
Where no questions cross your mind
But she won't keep on waiting
For you without a doubt
Much longer for you to sort it out

And all at once
The crowd begins to sing
Sometimes the hardest thing
And the right thing are the same

Maybe you want her
Maybe you need her
Maybe you started to compare
To someone not there

Maybe you want it
Maybe you need it
Maybe it's all you're running from
Perfection will not come

And all at once
The crowd begins to sing
We'd never know what's wrong
Without the pain
Sometimes the hardest thing
And the right thing are the same

Maybe you want her
Maybe you need her
Maybe you've started to compare
To someone not there
Maybe you want it
Maybe you need it
Maybe it's all you're running from
Perfection will not come

Maybe you want her
Maybe you need her
Maybe you had her,
Maybe you lost her to another
To another

Friday, April 1, 2011

My mood in a playlist?

The Tide - The Spill Canvas
Road to Joy - Bright Eyes
Syndicate - The Fray
Electric Feel - MGMT
Satellite - B.o.B.
Belle of the Boulevard - Dashboard Confessional
405 (acoustic) - Death Cab for Cutie
For the Widows in Paradise, For The Fatherless in Ypsilanti - Sufjan Stevens
One Man Army - Our Lady Peace
Santeria - Sublime
Disintegration - Jimmy Eat World
Unsatisfied - Nine Black Alps
Right Behind You - Our Lady Peace
Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear - Underoath
Alone Again - Alyssa Reid
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
Bass Down Low (Proper Villans) - The Cataracs
If I Leave - A Day to Remember
This is the House that Doubt Built - A Day to Remember
All I Want - A Day to Remember
Creep - Radiohead
Run to You - Rocket Summer
Blankest Year - Nada Surf
Pink Bullets - The Shins
Who I Am - Nick Jonas
There is - Box Car Racer
The Dress Looks Nice on You - Sufjan Stevens
Rome - Phoenix
Favourite Food - Tokyo Police Club
Bruised - Jack's Mannequin
The Sound of Settling - Death Cab for Cutie
The Resolution - Jack's Mannequin
Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine
I'll Be in the Sky - B.o.B.