Friday, August 20, 2010

The Tide That Left and Never Came Back

Spell bound, like chains clamped
To the mightiest structure,
She gazed up at the comet
Dancing along the endless sky.

A light flickers on
As the paddles zap her core,
And with new eyes, discovers
Her world: transfigured and unknown.

Sweet scents, clear contours,
And magnified melodies
Ambush the unarmed soldier,
And retreat to Utopia.

No feeling can match -
As complete as a circuit,
She is invincible and
Nothing will generate sorrow.

Going, going, gone -
Consumed by the shadows, she
is lost; without a road map.
Her pain is a spreading cancer,

Relentless, wicked,
And hushed. The bitter wind swept
The obscured abyss harshly -
A ship caught in a violent sea.

Unwavering and
irrevocable; her love.
She waits for: her light, her heart
Her complement to reappear.

Many mock her faith.
Labelled foolish like a child,
Obedient as a dog,
Her thoughts are left safely intact.

And now she must choose.
Worn like a bruise or a badge;
Her heart can fight the war or
Yearn in the deepest agony.